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 In this new age of terrorism and with the constant threat of crime in our major cities individuals, organizations, executives, and corporations are seeking new ways to protect themselves, family members, employees, and others.  This web site's purpose is to provide links to firms, organizations and resources that provide information, training, instruction and services in the field of personal security and anti-terrorism.

Seminars and Training on Personal Security


Gerard Group International, LLC
"Personal Safety for Civilians in Post-War Countries"

Personal Protection Consultants, Inc.
P.O. Box 467, Kupsville, PA 19443

"Providing Solutions to Uncertainty"

Triple Canopy
"Security Services Training"


Center for Advanced Security Studies
"Executive Protection and Bodyguard Training School"

Concepts Integration, LLC
"Situational Awareness Training"
Williamsburg, Virginia
(757) 746-7461

Enterprising Securities
"Antiterrorism and Executive Protection Training"
San Antonio, Texas

Front Sight Firearms Training Institute
"Celebrity Security Training"
P.O. Box, 2619, Aptos, California 95001

G4S International Training Inc.
1536 International Drive, Shacklefords, VA 23156

High Point Personal Security Training
"Winning solutions derived from a position of advantage"
117 W. Alexander Street, #161 Plant city, Florida 33563
(813) 719-0091

The Center for Global Education
"An international resource center"
Personal Safety and Awareness Workbook

Personal Safety Training Incorporated

The Safety Cellar
"Personal safety and security for women"
5988 North 4000 West, Rexburg, Idaho 83440

"Anti-Terrorism and Force Protection"

SAFETI Clearinghouse
"Safety, security, and health training resources for students studying abroad"

Self Defense
"By Peace Over Violence"

Sexton Executive Security
"Executive Protection, Bodyguard Training, Private Investigations"
Fairfax, Virginia

Study Abroad Student Handbook
"Health, security, safety, emergency planning, and communications information"

Train 2 Survive LTD
"Real World Training for Real World Solutions"
Glasgow, Scotland and Plymouth, England

Tony Scotti's Vehicle Dynamics Institute (VDI)

Trojan Securities International
"Worldwide Security Solutions & Specialist Training Services Designed for Hostile Environments"

Seminars on Terrorism

Personal Security Concepts,Inc.
"Anti-Terrorism and Personal Security Instruction, Services, and Training"

Government Training Institute (GTI)
"Success is not by chance"

Directory Listing of Security Driving Schools

Professional Organizations

International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association (ILEETA)

National Tactical Officers Association

National Rifle Association (NRA) Training Program
"Refuse to be a Victim"