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National Crime Prevention Council - NCPC Blog


A lot about personal security can be learned in seminars, courses, and training sessions. In addition, much can be learned by reading online. This web page provides a listing of blogs on personal security and safety.

Blogs on Personal Security

Prevention Works
National Crime Prevention Council


Personal Security for the Novice. For the average person interested in making their life a little safer.

Self Defense for Everyone. Self Defense news, tips, and information of all ages.

Take No Prisoners Blog (TACI)

Personal Security 911. Stay Aware . . . Stay Alert . . . Stay Alive!

Home Security Blogs

Home Security Blog. Home security tips and information.

Identity Theft Blogs

Robert Siciliano. Personal security and identity theft expert.

Privacy and Information Security Law Blog. Global privacy and information security law updates and analysis.

Bodyguard and Executive Protection Blogs

Bodyguard Blog. Behind the bodyguard business.

Blogs for NGOs and Humanitarian
Assistance Organizations

NGO Security. Humanitarian and non-governmental organization safety & security. "Do No Harm, Do Know Harm". Since 2005.

International NGO Safety and Security Association (INSSA). Blog Posts.

Patronus Analytical. "A thoughtful, analytical approach to NGO security".

Angel Alert Network Blog. "The Angel Alert Network Training & Current Affairs Blog is a resource for aid workers around the world, both NGO and FBO, to get up to date information about security, awareness, and risk avoidance".

Blogs by Companies Selling Self Defense Products
(Pepper Spray, Batons, Tasers, Knives and more)

Personal Security Guide Blog

Personal Security and Self Defense. Articles and products.